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What are… Curtain Headings?

Once you have picked your fabric the next thing you will need to think about is what heading tape you might like. There are many different types and each different one will effect the final hang and look of the curtain. The style of chosen fabric many also influence the type of heading that is chosen.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are curtains with the fabric hanging through the pole with eyelets or rings. This style of curtains means the fabric will hang with a slight wave rather than a tight gather. This style produces a beautiful modern look, however, the down side is these curtains can only be hung on curtain poles and not tracks. We now make up eyelet curtains with punched metal eyelets as standard, or you can purchase the eyelet header tape to use at home.





Pencil Pleat Curtains

This the most common style of heading tape as they are easier to move from window to window. The tape is sewn onto the back of the material and is pulled tighter and looser depending on the size of the window. The fullness of these curtains varies from 1.5 fullness to 3 times fullness. You can have different thickness of header tape and this gives different finishes.


Triple Pleat and Double Pleat Curtains

Our triple pleat curtains are made in a tradition way using buckram, each pleat is sewn in. These curtains have a beautiful finish because the pleats are sewn in giving them an even gather. They work well hung on a pole and on a traditional curtain track.



Wave Tape Curtains

Wave curtains is a modern heading tape that gets sewn to the top of the material, these then pull creating a simple wave gather to the fabric, similar to the eyelet curtains without the holes. These create a modern and sleek look to the window.









Tab Top Curtains

Tap top curtains can only be used with a pole. Fabric is used to create tabs that loop over the pole.






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