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How To.. Make a cozy Fleece Sleeping Bag

With the weather warming up it might be just the time to get out camping, whether you are going on holiday or just having fun camping in the garden the night can be cold. Why not make a fleece sleeping bag, follow these steps to a really easy make;

  • Decide on how long you would like your sleeping bag to be, most fleeces are 150cmDSC_5476 wide this is generally wide enough to be folded in half for the back and front of the sleeping bag if being made for a child, as for the length it depends on how tall the person is and how much room they might want at the end.






  • Fold the fleece in half and pin two of the sides leaving the top open.DSC_5477
  • Stitch where you have pinned





  • Turn right way round and there you have it a quick and easy sleeping bag.DSC_5478






Fleeces are available at both Livingstone Textiles Yeovil Somerset and Bridport Dorset.


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