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How to add a blackout lining to curtains – Loose lining tape

Loose lining tape – how to use

Loose lining tape is a brilliant way to add a lining to your curtain fabric without any hard work. It is often used for making a normal curtain into a blackout curtain or for adding interlining to a curtain to make it more draft proof.

Loose lining 10

Your curtain will have a heading tape already attached.



Loose lining 9




Lift up the flap on the loose lining tape and insert your lining.

Loose lining 7




Fold the flap down on the loose lining tape.


Loose lining 5




Sew down the flap of the loose lining tape so that it traps the lining.




Loose lining 12


Take your main curtain and your loose lining. To attach the loose lining to your curtain, loop your curtain hook through the loose lining tape and through your heading tape.


Loose lining 11


Continue to do this until all your hooks are in place. The lining is now attached to your curtain and can easily be removed if required.


Loose lining tape costs 45p per metre

Blackout lining is ideal for children’s bedrooms, blocking out glare from street lights. It can help you get a better nights sleep. Many people think that a blackout lining will be black, but it is the same colour as normal curtain lining – ivory or white.

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