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What is… batting?

BattingBatting or also know as wadding is a material that sandwiches between two pieces of fabric when making a quilt, or where you would like your material to have padding. There are many different types of batting which can also have different weights and at Livingstone Textiles we stock a wide range of these here is an overview of the products that Livingstone Textiles sell and what each is ideally used for.

Polyester Wadding 2oz and 6oz

2oz wadding-  The 2oz wadding refers to the weight of the product, if a metre squared of this product was weighted it would weight 2 oz. This particually wadding is very thin and would only give a very small amount of padding to any sewing. This is weight would be good for if making a light weight bed runner or for padding on small sewing projects but due to the nature of its density would not give much warmth or padding.

6oz wadding- The 6oz wadding is much the same and the 2oz only it is thicker and slightly heavier. When resting it is about 1/2″ thick and this would be better for projects where more padding is needed. This can be used to act as a wadding around foam cushions to give them a softer finish. Both the 2oz and 6oz waddings are 140cm wide.

Needle Punched Polyester

With needle punched wadding the polyester fibres are punched into a strong, thin base material which prevents bunching when quilt making. The fibres will also stay in place after many washes and tumble dried so your quilt will not be left bunched up. The thin base material also holds the fibres in place so when machine sewing it prevents slipping, it is also thin yet dense so you get the warmth without the thickness.

Needle Punched Cotton

Needle punched cotton wadding or batting is much the same as the polyester, however, it is made with 100% cotton. This is idea for if the project is being made with 100% materials as they will all react in the same way with different conditions such as washing and humidity.

Insulated Wadding

This is a polyester needle punched wadding that is punched through a nonwoven substrate and through a reflective film. The needled material breathes and won’t break down with washing. The fibre resists conduction while the reflective metallised film resists radiant energy.   This makes it ideal for many different kitchen craft projects from oven mitts to ironing boards.  This is only 57cm wide.

Fusible Fleece

This is a wadding that is fusible on one side making quilting projects quicker and easier to do, the wadding is ironed to one side of the fabric fusing it meaning that it is stable and won’t move. This makes for quicker projects.

All of these wadding varies in price and widths if you would like further information or samples please contact us with your details and we will be happy to help.


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