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The Dorset Long Ears (better known as rabbits)

WIN_20170311_12_34_07_Pro-1-e1490877416420-576x1024In Dorset, we have a little island peninsula off the Jurassic coast named Portland where the famous stone for St Pauls and many other public buildings in London comes from.   On the Isle, there is a superstition that forbids the public mention of the R word as it is deemed to be very bad luck. JumpingJack at says:
“The burrowing of rabbits near the stone quarries caused many landslips and, just over a century ago, one of these resulted in a crane operator being killed when the ground beneath his crane collapsed. Afterwards, if workers even saw a rabbit, they would down tools and go home.”
On Portland, Rabbits are referred to as ‘Long Ears’ or ‘Underground Mutton’ and sometimes Bunnies, mention the R word publicly and you can be sure of an uncomfortable hush.  Luckily Livingstone Textiles is a good 20 miles from Portland and we’ve got a couple of some new Rabbit fabrics in for the spring.  At only £6.70 a metre they are great value cotton poplins suitable for dressmaking, shirts and crafts.   Just don’t wear them on the Isle.WIN_20170311_12_35_22_Pro-1-e1490877574677-576x1024


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