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Toms Top Tips………

Here it is………………A list of the top sewing tips used by our professional makers to help you get the most from your hobby.

1}     Use Sharp Scissors

2}     Invest in a good sewing machine.  Old machines can be temperamental with tension problems leading to ‘chewed up’ threads in your work.  Sturdy old machines need to have the tension re-callibrated in order to operate correctly.  Machines can be serviced here in house by our engineer. Call for further details 01308 456844.

3}     Learn how to make bias binding.  Neck openings and pretty garment edging look so much better when bound and once you can make bias, it’s really simple to add piping to cushions for a really professional look.

4}     Improvise!  To sew a curved seam, use a folded towel under the curve in the garment or cardboard kitchen roll tubes.  A tailors ham is an expensive piece of equipment.

5}     Embellish!  Tired garments or things you’ve gotton bored with can be uplifted with a little applique or ric rac.  We have a massive selection of trims, bindings, braids and ribbons in both of our shops starting at just a few pence per metre.

6}     Buy a good mushroom coloured thread.  One of our makers uses a Moon thread that blends with dozens of fabrics and she calls it ‘Magic’.

7}     When buying a thread don’t be afraid to unravel it and lay it against your cloth, it should almost dissapear. Fabric wound on a reel has deeper colour as it is concentrated so when you start to sew with it, you may find it a lot paler than you thought.

8}     Use the internet for inspiration and ideas.  Pinterest is a great place to start and some websites offer you tube tutorials and free templates for projects but remember to always respect any copyright if you’re making to sell.

9}     Iron EVERYTHING!  You may hate ironing but pressing your projects really makes a difference.

10}  Measure, measure, measure.

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