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What Is Curtain Bump?

Cold weather means higher heating costs.  To keep these costs down a bit, why not have your new curtains made with interlining?  Even double glazed windows tend to have cold air circulating them that can create uncomfortable draughts.

Traditionally called ‘Bump’, interlining can stop cold air from entering the room when the curtains or blinds are drawn because it is a dense layer that sits between the show cloth and the curtain lining. We provide two different weights, lightweight for a thin warm layer and heavy weight for a thicker, more luxurious finish.  Adding bump to both Roman Blinds and curtains make them fuller at the window as well acting as an insulator.  It’s certainly a much cheaper option than replacement windows.

Our polyester curtain bump is £3.30 per metre for lightweight and £5.70 for heavyweight.  The natural cotton bump is £4.50 per metre and the heavyweight is £5.90 per metre.  All are 54″/140cm wide and available from both of our shops, as well as by telephone order (01308 456844) and our online shop.

Polyester Curtain Interlining Lightweight

Lightweight polyester

Lightweight Cotton

Heavyweight Cotton

Heavyweight Polyester

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