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How to make felt penguins

penguins-how-to 001 (Small)penguins-how-to 002 (Small)penguins-how-to 003 (Small)penguins-how-to 004 (Small)Fancy making your own Christmas decorations this year? Why not make some fabulous felt penguins? Follow these easy steps to make your own Winter wonderland.

We used some 2oz quilter’s wadding to cover the old stairlift and tied it on with pieces of blind cord.  We then made up some penguins with some coloured felt squares in black, orange and white and stuffed them with toy stuffing.

If you want to make your own penguin decorations, you will need squares of felt in the following colours: Orange, Black and White.  You will also need some stick on toy eyes, a reel of black thread, a needle, some fabric glue and a small bag of toy stuffing.  We stock all of these items in our shop in Bridport and they are all available by mail order if you ‘phone us on 01308 456844.

Copy the pattern pieces shown above onto paper then cut out 4 wing pieces in black and glue them together to make two wings.

penguins-how-to 005 (Small) (2)

penguins-how-to 006 (Small)Next, cut two body pieces from black felt and sew them together with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving an opening under the tummy ready to stuff.

penguins-how-to 007 (Small)

Stuff the penguin then stitch up the hole.  Cut a tummy shape from the white felt and glue this over the tummy to cover the final stitching.

penguins-how-to 009 (Small)

Cut two feet and a beak from the orange felt and gathering the narrow edge slightly, stitch the feet firmly to the bottom of the penguin.

penguins-how-to 010 (Small)

The wings will now be dry enough to work with.  Stitch them to the sides of your penguin, in line with the top of his tummy,  you can set them at a jaunty angle to make him look as if he’s trying to keep his balance.  Place the diamond shape slightly above the tummy and stitch across the middle.  Fold the beak over on itself to hide the stitches. penguins-how-to 012 (Small)

Glue on the eyes and when they are dry, tie a piece of ribbon or wool around the neck to look like a scarf and there you have your finished felt penguin decoration.  Please note that these are not toys and should be used for decoration purposes only.

penguin (Small)penguinslide (Small)We tied ours on around the neck and then around the stair rail to secure them.  We then hid the string by tying on the scarf over the top.  They certainly raise a smile as you come up the stairs.

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