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Brer Rabbit Fabric

This classic pattern of rabbits is in the style of William Morris and was used to create a cushion for a recent customer.



The pattern was carefully centred by finding a central point in the pattern where equal repeats are below, above and to either side.  Customers are often confused by pattern repeats, particularly horizontal ones.  They are so important for a professional finish and our makers always look at the pattern carefully to decide where a drop of curtains will drop from or how to show off the best part of the pattern on a cushion.

When centring a pattern for a square cushion, divide the measurement in two and place the beginning of the tape in the very middle of your chosen place on the face of the fabric.  Measure out to the top, bottom and either side and make a small mark using a tailors chalk or erasable pen.  Carefully fold back the fabric and transfer the markings to the back.   Now mark the same measurement out to the corners from these marks, not on the diagonal.  Join the marks up with lines to make a square then check the WHOLE distance between the top and bottom lines and the left and right lines. (It should be the same as your finished cushion)  Carefully cut around the outside of the line by approximately half an inch, this is your seam allowance.  Cut out a back piece the same and proceed with making your cushion.  For more information on pattern repeats see here

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