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Collapsed Sofa Cushions


Are your sofa cushions starting to sag? Are you getting back ache from your sofa? Are you thinking it might be time to get a new sofa?  New manufactured cushions contain a wadding that sags very quickly and all the spring is lost.  Our foam gives your furniture it’s bounce back!

You might be able to have your sofa saved by having some new foam put in. At Livingstone Textiles we offer a foam service where you can bring your old sofa cushions and we can put new foam cut to shape.

Is your foam still ok but your cover’s looking a little tired? We offer a full and bespoke upholstery service from our workshops in Bridport Dorset, so your well loved sofa can have a new lease of life.


If you would like information on sofa cushions please contact us and we will be happy to give advise or a quote.

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