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Introducting Livingstone Textiles New Fabric Range- TEXOLA

Texola is the new and exciting fabric range to come from Livingstone Textiles. It is a fabric range that will bring something special to your projects. Each year we see thousands of fabric samples, from which we choose those that offer excellent design, quality and good value.  These are the fabrics that will make it into the Texola range.

How does Livingstone Textiles choose the range? 
The selection process is very important to us and we only like to choose the best, so to acheive this all available staff are part of the selection process for Texola. This results in us having a wide range of cloths to suit different tastes and budgets.

How does a cloth become part of the Texola Range?
We ask a very simple question during the selection process… does the fabric “lift your heart?”  What we mean by that is that the fabric has to be special in some way, this could be the design, quality or weave of the fabric.
The next hurdle is “does the fabric have a practical use, will it produce a satisfactory garment or pair of curtains and finally is it good value?”

People invest alot of time and resources into creating their projects and on completion we want Texola to bring you a feel good factor and a great looking product that will stand the test of time.


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