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How to Make a Simple Draw String Bag

With the kids going back to school in the next couple of weeks, one of the things on you shopping list might be a PE kit bag or a shoe bag, why not make your child’s one individual by making it yourself. Follow this easy step by step guide and make something your kids will love.

  • Decide on the size of your bag and what you want it to hold, this one is going to be a shoe bag for ballet pumps, and is not going to have clothes in so it doesn’t need to be that big, but if you are making a PE bag you will need it bigger than this one.BRON - WIN_20160817_094516
  • This bag is going to be 30cm x 20cm finished size so I will be cutting out a piece of fabric 45cm x 40cm. I have given myself 10cm at the top for turns for the drawstring channel.





  • zig-zag all you edges to stop them from fraying if you want a neater finish you could hem all your edges to hide all the rough edgesBRON - WIN_20160817_095615







  • The channel will be the first thing that will be made, make a big fold for your channel pin and stitch.BRON - WIN_20160817_100004






  • Fold your fabric over right sides together and sew together the bottom of the bag and the side of the bag, just leaving one opening.
  • Thread through your cord, add a bag pull and tie a knot.BRON - WIN_20160817_101136






  • You bag is now finished.BRON - WIN_20160817_101428
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