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Country Garden Fabric Collection

Complementary colours within soft furnishings can be a really good way of balancing a room. Having very decorative or busy curtains can be balanced by adding a plain trim to the curtain (see here for an example) or by adding plain cushions to the room. It is important to pick a colour that is in the design or possibly in the room.

If you are thinking of coordinating colours within your soft furnishings one good way of ensuring the colour match is to look at fabric collections. Generally, within a fabric collection, there will be a range of plain colours that work with the patterned design.

2016-07-20 12.18.56This collection from Chess Fabrics shows how to do this very well. The collection is called “Country Garden” and have a section of plain fabrics and patterns that will complement each other. As can be seen from the images they have added plain cushions in the room setting that have the beautiful floral curtains, in doing this the cushions on the bed do not fight or detract from the curtains, ensuring the room is balanced.

country garden curtain


With this room setting plain piping has been sewn around the floral cushions framing them making them look finished. They have also added some plain cushions behind which picks up the colour within the floral design. These cushions do not distract from the florals only adds to them. Using different floral patterns is also ok so long as they are the same colour ways and do not fight with each other.   country garden

This collection is available to purchase from Livingstone Textiles Bridport Dorset, where if you visit you will be able to see our full range of hangers and roll stock. If you would like more information on services we offer or fabrics we sell please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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