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Coordinating Fabrics

Coordinating fabrics withing a room setting can be a really great thing to do if you want to balance a room or draw attention to one area that uses a loud print. Coordinating fabric can also be a fun thing to do as you can become creative in your room setting.

Bird blind openWe have coordinated in this room with a Roman Blind and Curtains. the customer originally wanted only a Roman Blind for the room as it was going in her daughter’s room and she wanted the light to be blocked out. When discussing her ideas with her she still wanted the window to be decorative and she wanted the fabric to grow with her little girl and so would last a few years.

The daughter like the bird fabric but the mother thought that it would be too much and too busy in the room. After much discussion, this was the conclusion that we came to and so the blind was made with only the top section made with the patterned fabric, the main part was made from plain lilac fabric, and a strip of blue to hide the transition between the two.

Blind with curtainsThe curtains are only present for dress reasons and are simply hung to dress the window, a trim down the side of each curtain was added to coordinate the curtains to the roman blind and the blue for the tab tops was picked out from the fabric design, bringing everything together. The Roman Blind does the same thing, this time though we have used more of the plain fabric, in an effort not to make the blind too busy.

We think this set up really suits the window and balances the room because not too much of one fabric was used the customer can add to the room, she is thinking about a bedspread out of the patterned fabric, we think this could really add to the room.

Bespoke finishes like these can be made yourself at home or by our professional local seamstresses, and give a much more personal finish to a room.


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