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Polyester Dressmaking Boning

2016-06-23 10.54.46Dressmaking boning can give light weight support to garments, and help them to keep their shape. We mostly think of boning to only have one use in corsets but it can also be used to give structure to hats, bags and other garments.

At Livingstone Textiles we sell polyester boning at 60p per metre, it cames in a black or white colour and is 8mm wide.

This type of bonning cannot be sewn directly into the garment like some other types so to use it would have to have a channel created for the bonning to sit it. This is a better way as the channels give extre support for the garment.

The 8mm bonning that we sell is classed as a light weight and its suggested used are;2016-06-23 10.55.16

  • Strapless garments
  • Evening wear
  • Beachwear
  • Costumes, corsets etc
  • Soft toys
  • Hat and bags
  • Other structured textiles that require light bonning.
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