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Button Cover Tool

A Button Cover Tool is a clever bit of kit that allows you a really professional finish.

DSC_5041 Instead of looking around the shops for buttons that will match your finished project, you can use the scraps from your cutting out in this tool to make buttons that will instantly blend in.

You can use it to make contrasting buttons too, in the same fabric weight used in your garment.  It can be used with lightweight upholstery fabrics to make feature buttons on cushions and curtain tops as well.




The instructions for use are on the reverse of the packaging and you can make buttons in 11mm, 15,19,23 and 29mm

Simply pop the fabric around the button blank and lay it in the mold.

Place the button back over the shank then use the tool to press it down hard.  Your new button can now be removed from the mold ready to use. For further instructions, follow this link


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