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Australian Themed Cotton Fabrics

Australian bird fabricHere are a couple from our extensive range of patterned cotton fabrics. These are equally suitable for craft or dressmaking and have an Australian theme. The first features stylised birds (we think they are Australian Magpies) on an off-white background and has been made by one of our staff members into this lovely blouse. Blouse made from Australian bird fabricAmazingly this is not actually a real blouse, but has been made with buttons sewn on the front and is loose enough to go on over the head – saves on those tricky buttonholes!

Aboriginal pattern fabricThe second fabric has an aboriginal pattern of swirls of dots of different colours. We think you will agree that these two fabrics together could form the basis of a really unusual patchwork. They are 44″/112cm wide and priced at £13.40 per metre. If you would like a free sample or to buy either of these fabrics, please contact us or telephone the shop on the number shown to the right.

If you are interested in other Australian themed fabrics, we still have some Aussie kangaroo Christmas fabric for you to make items for your antipodean relatives.

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