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Summer Vintage Vibes

Summer Holidays are ahead of us (and hopefully more sun than rain!)
One of our staff members has a 1970’s vintage caravan and she decided to give it an overhaul. The original and rather vivid orange flowery seat cushions were very worn and have been renewed with a bright flower and bird fabric that has postcards on it to reflect the holiday mood. They still have orange in the colour scheme in order to blend with the original interior.









The box cushions are made with a zip in order to make cleaning easier. We can make box cushions for you in most of the fabrics that we stock and we can add piping if you wish.


To make the new interior complete, she decided to make some new curtains and to keep the cost down she used a basic dress weight cotton poplin.  In order to make them hang well and to look authentic from the outside, she used a coloured lining that picked up the orange in the cushions.  DSC_0435








The polka dot gives an up to date vintage look while the lining is true to the 70’s colour scheme.



Here’s how the curtain lining looks from the outside………..along with a couple of vintage recliners she picked up in Penzance, much to the dismay of her husband who had to carry them back to the car!!


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