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Pattern Weights

Pattern weights can be a useful tool to have in your workbox, they can be used in a few different situations within both dressmaking and curtain making. They can be different weights depending on what use you want them for.

The main use for them is for holding down you fabric and your pattern when dressmaking. Most of the time in this situation you would use pins but if you have a very slippy fabric you might want to use weight before you start pinning. In some cases, you might be able to use weight instead of pins, if you have a fabric with you don’t want any pin holes showing.

Another use of pattern weights is within curtain making, if you are sewing big curtains and you don’t and the fabric to move or slip of the table then a heavier pattern weight might be ideal.

Pattern weights are not something you have to buy they are something that can easily be made.

Depending on how heavy you want your weight to be will depend on what type you will make but we have made a simple one to show you how easy it can be.

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  • We have used penny weights which are normally used as curtain weights for our pattern weights, we have used 2 just to give a little bit more weight. We have chosen a lovely green fabric to wrap our weights in. We would recommend using the weights without having them covered as penny weights can be greasy. Cut your fabric into a circle bigger than the weights.


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  • Next, sew small running stitches all around the edge of the fabric, about 1 cm from the edge, depending on the size of your weight. Do not knot off the final stitch.




2016-06-22 10.06.14

  • Pull tight your stitches. They should pull like a draw string bag. Stitch the opening so its nice and tight.





2016-06-22 10.12.03

  • We have sewed a decorated button to the top of our pattern weight. This hides the stitching and adds decoration.





There are many ways to make a penny weight this is just a really quick and easy way. You could use sand and make a little bag, you could use curtain weighted tape, one of the best things about making them yourself is you get to make them the weight you want and in a design that suits you.

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