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Blinds can be practical and decorative but sometimes you don’t aways need to the same type of blind in each room. A different style of blind can change the look of a fabric and a room.

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of blinds  available to you.

Austrain Blinds

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Austrian blinds are a cross between blinds and curtains. They act like blinds but are close to curtains with the texture. Most Austrian blinds have a gathered top like a pencil pleat curtain but then are stringed and pull up like a blind. Unlike a Roman blind they dont have the horizontal rods running through them giving them a ruffled bottom when pulled.



Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are structured blinds that use a system of vertical strings and horizontal rods. When pulled they fold into straight even folds. When let down the blind is completely flat.


Swedish Blinds

2016-05-18 16.21.01There are two different types of Swedish blinds, one is rolled and held with ribbon and one is corded. Both types work really well with coordinating fabrics as when it is rolled the back of the blind is seen.

Theses are all blinds that we can make to measure for your house. We can advise you on how it will hang with the space you have available in your house. We can offer the full service from measuring, making and hanging. If you are at all interested or would like more information please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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