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Textured Colour-washed Fabric

2016-05-04 10.18.26 Isn’t this material just fabulous?  It has a really interesting texture that is raised up from the base cloth, giving it a cutaway look.

The colours blending gently over the top give a more 3-dimensional feel to it, enhancing the marks and grooves where the colours are deepest. Cleverly, it is also reversible with an identical raised ivory design featuring on the cream base cloth when you turn it over.  It is not available to buy on our webshop but you can ring the shop on 01308 456844 and request a sample.

We think it has a real designer look to it and would look subtle and smart when made into home furnishings.  You could run the stripes horizontally or vertically in curtains or in a Roman blind, allowing you to create illusions for wider or higher rooms.  It’s a really strong fabric and would also be ideal for upholstery and it also lends itself to Swedish blinds where you would see the ivory design rolling up on the bottom. See here to learn how to make one.

See below for a selection of striped fabrics available to buy online or contact us to ask if we still have any of this lovely fabric in stock.

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