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Pins and Pincushions

There is a wide range of pins for use with different sewing techniques. Having the right equipment always makes for a easier job.

Lace Pins
Theses are smaller pins, and are used for making traditional lace. They are used to hold in the threads. These are too small for general dressmaking.

Glass Header Pins
These are for general dressmaking and curtain making, they can come in different lengths, we sell two different lengths 45mm and 30mm. Having a good sharp pin is really important as it doesn’t snag the fabric.

Quilters Pins
Quilters pins are used when making a quilt. The have a flat end and are longer than your regular pin.


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Once you have picked the  perfect pins for your project why not treat yourself to one of our fun pincushions. We stock a range of fun pincushions at a range of different prices.

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