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Make- Matching Blind and Curtain

bron blind

One thing that is worth thinking about when you are picking material for a roman blind or curtains is the other windows and door in the room, whether they will have matching fabric and whether the material will then be too much in the room. bron curtain

These two pieces of soft furnishings are examples of how this has been thought out. The window and door in this kitchen are less than a metre apart, and this gives the risk of the material over powering the room. The customer didn’t want the window and door to become a feature in the room and only wanted them to dress the openings in a subtle way.

The customer liked the patterned fabric but was concerned that when made into a door curtain it would then become too much, so it was suggested to her that adding a contrasting material in a plain to brake up the pattern. This then frames the patterned material and draws the eye towards it.

At Livingstone Textiles we pride ourselves in our complete service where if you want us to, we can measure, make and hang leaving you to the fun part of choosing your fabrics.

If you would like an further information on the service we offer please contact us and we will be happy to help.





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