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Boxed Cushion Class

On Tuesday 4th and 11th May 2016 we had our first “How to sew a boxed cushion sewing class”. We ran it over 2 evenings with 2 hours on each night. The class started at 6.30 and ended at 8.30 on both evenings.

We had four people attend our class, which for this particular class was our maximum capacity. We try at all times to keep our numbers small so that each person get as much help as is needed. On most of our classes we have a maximum of 6 people but with making a box cushion more space is needed.

The class began with cutting out the panels, each person used their own foam cushion as a guide on the size of the fabric. It is important to have your cushion available when making a boxed cushion as this way you can size the cushion exactly right.

The class made their own piping for the cushion, and this was a skill that they were taught  during the course of the two evenings. Piping can be made by using bias binding, which can be bought pre-cut or you can cut your own. Bias binding is a tape that is cut diagonal across the material or cut on a bias as it is known.

Another skill that was learn during the evenings was putting in a zip. Zips can be something that most people dread and hate, but with the right tutoring a zip can become one of the easiest things to put in.

At the end of the second evening everyone was very happy with what they had created, have either finished or was nearly done and was leaving with clear instructions.

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