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Free Fabric Scraps For Children

We love to encourage little ones to sew ….and bigger little ones too!

In our shop we save all of the fabric sample pieces that we have no use for and keep them in a couple baskets in our toy section.  We let all those of school age and in full-time education choose 6 pieces of fabric from the basket to take home and use in their own projects.  Some make clothes for their teddies and dolls, some make landscapes for Lego models and some turn them into their own sewing sampler.

DSC_0001 One little girl who is from China and goes to school in England spends some of her time living in Bridport.  She came into the shop with her ‘Mum’ and chose a few samples that interested her.  She then went home and tackled her first ever sewing project.  Her ‘English Mum’ told us that in her hometown, girls are not encouraged to sew because it is something that only very poor people do.  She cut out the shapes and appliqued the fabrics by hand on to a cushion and here it is!



We love the way that she has framed the sparkly sequin fabric with the shapes and the hand sewing is a lovely feature of the design.

Bring your children in with you during the next school holiday or on a Saturday and let them a rummage in our scrap basket.  Who knows what they will find to spark their imagination.



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