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Deckchair Fabric

Being so near to the seaside, the early signs of spring make us think of sitting on the sand with an ice cream and what better way to do it than in a good old-fashioned deck chair! If yours has seen better days, you can easily revamp it with our specific canvas deckchair fabric.  We also sell packets of decorative upholstery nails to complete the transformation.

We have seven colourways in stock – plain green, blue & red, blue with a turquoise stripe, red and cream stripe, bright stripe and pastel stripe. All the fabrics are 17″/43cm wide to fit a standard deckchair and can also be used to repair directors and other folding chairs. To replace the fabric on a standard deckchair you will need approximately 1.5 metres of fabric.

If you would like to buy deckchair material by mail order, contact us by email or phone us on 01308 456844 with your requirements. Or you can simply call in to the shop and get ready for summer!

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2 thoughts on “Deckchair Fabric

  1. I have deckchairs that have a wooden batton at each end and therefore the fabric needs to be sewn. Is your fabric suitable for sewing with a machine?

    1. Our fabric is a traditional light canvas deck chair material and will sew up using a standard duty machine and a larger guage needle.

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