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Herringbone Tape

2016-01-30 14.46.48 Whether you are giving a makeover and repairs to an old one or creating a new one from scratch, Herringbone Tape is a strong, durable strapping that will give your bag some fabulous new handles. This soft acrylic tape is sometimes referred to as webbing and is also known as Horse Blanket Binding.

At Livingstone Textiles we stock it in two sizes, (1″ & 1.5″ ) and we have an array of colours to match in with all of your projects.

Wide herringbone tape is suitable as an alternative to bias binding and can also be use to make apron ties.


2016-01-30 14.53.26We also have some lovely pastel shades available in the 1″ width that would make a pretty trim on any garment.  It also looks really effective as a bunting tape, just pick the one that best suits your colour scheme.  This is currently unavailable in our online shop but we can send you colour samples and put a mail order together when you contact us here.











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