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Curtain Weights

2016-01-30 14.59.00At Livingstone Textiles in Bridport we offer a made to measure service for curtains and blinds in your chosen fabric.  All of our curtains and roman blinds are neatly hand crafted by our makers and hang beautifully on completion.  Some of you like to choose the stiffer and heavier fabrics when furnishing rooms that receive a lot of use during the colder months and these fabrics can cause curtains to hang quite awkwardly at the window, often sitting out to the side instead of vertically at the window.   In order to rectify this, our makers have a secret weapon……..the Curtain Weight.

2016-01-30 14.58.11Sometimes known as ‘penny weights’, these heavy circular weights are either stitched to the mitred corner and enclosed within the hem or they can be sewn into their own little pocket of lining fabric.  This little pocket is then stitched in to the mitred corner of the curtain and hidden within the hem.  The pocket method allows you to line up the hem and pocket base exactly and so allows the weight to move freely into the corner of the hem.  It also allows the weight to be removed when laundering the curtains.

We also sell a great product that sits all the way along the inside of the hem, weighing down the entire width of the curtain.  Available in two different weights, it helps to stop flimsy, lightweight curtains from blowing around at an open window.  It simply needs securing at each end of the hem with a couple of strong stitches to keep it in place.

All of these products are currently unavailable on our webshop but can be purchased in store at our shop in Bridport or you can request a mail order by clicking here.

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