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Update old garments with new buttons

We all have them in our wardrobes, the old faithful garment that you love to wear but is slightly out of fashion or is looking a little tired, why not give them a makeover? DSC_4449

This old coat was looking a little tired with its old and odd buttons on it, so our customer has simply changed the buttons. This can give any garment a new look.


The button she has chosen to use is a lovely decorative black button. It has a beautiful leaf design shaped into it. It measures 3cm/ 1 1/4″ across and is priced at £1.02 each. This button is not available to buy on our web shop only in our shop in Bridport Dorset.

The slightly bigger button means that it will really stand out on the fur effect coat.

Other ways you could update your garment is by adding trims, buttons, and ribbons to give it a new look. If it’s only getting tired on the inside you could always reline the garment. We sell lining fabric from as little as £2.40 per metre in a range of different colours. If your not a confident sewer we can always put you in touch with a seamstress who can do the sewing for you.

If you would like more information or a sample of any fabric you have seen on here please contact us with you details and information on what you require and we will be happy to help.

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