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Learn to Love your Sewing Machine Part One

With the new year comes a fresh term of sewing classes, and as usual we have started with “Learn to Love Your Sewing Machine Part 1”. This was on Tuesday 19th January 2016 between 6.30-8.30. We always start our new year term with the class as we hope that people with new sewing machine for Christmas or the people who have made their new years resolution to start using the sewing machine collecting dust in the corner will have heard of us and what great sewing classes we run.

This class was and is always taught by Lynn Horniblow who is a well established sewing teacher and has been teaching our sewing classes since we started running them at our shop in Bridport Dorset. We try to keep our numbers small so that each person can get as much one to one teaching as time allows, generally we have 4 -6 people in each class. On this particular evening we had 5 pupils each at generally the same stage of learning. Learn to love your sewing machine is aimed at beginners or people with new machines that need a little bit of tutoring, and it is not set to one sewing machine type.

The evening starts with Lynn introducing herself and explaining what she hope you will all get out of the evening. She will then help anyone who needs help with setting up their machines. Some people may know how to do some basics of sewing while others might not even know how to thread the machine, this is why during the class it start with threading the machine, and learning how to do it correctly. This is so important, not having the thread going though all the loops can really effect the tension of your stitching. The class then gets moved onto needles and how important they are to your sewing, the different types and how having a blunt needle can dramatically effect the finished result of your sewing.

The class will then move onto tensions, stitch lengths and things that are more personal to your sewing machine, as all machines are different and each one has dials in different places.

Each “Learn to love your Sewing Machine” sewing class moves at a different pace and speed depending on the class and what each person wants to know. Everyone that did Tuesdays sewing class thoroughly enjoyed it and most will be continuing onto “learn to love your sewing machine part 2” which is the following week. Doing both classes is not always needed and some people come back to part 2 later when they have had more practice at sewing.

If you would like more information about the sewing classes we run at Livingstone Textiles, Bridport, Dorset please contact us for more information and we will be happy to help.



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