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One Felted Fabric – Two Coats

Coat in purple felted fabricHere’s some inspiration for our lovely winter weight fabrics – we have two different coats made out of the same felted fabric! First our staff member Anne made this coat from Simplicity pattern 1254 Simplicity 1254, but with a twist. First, before she made up the coat she made up a toile to check the fit of the pattern as she needed to adjust to a larger size than she would normally wear based on the Simplicity pattern measurements. She did not want to risk cutting the main fabric without checking the fit so she made up the body of the coat in calico to check her size. Then she decided to change up the top layer of the collar to a black fleece. This gave a snuggly finish to the oversize collar, and as this collar can also be worn as a hood, then she has a cosy fleece-lined hood. She lined the fabric with a lovely heavy weight stretch satin which was fabulous to sew and adds weight to the garment. You can see that making a simple change to the pattern, and choosing different fabrics, makes a unique garment tailored just to you. Anne had never made a coat before, but found it all went quite smoothly just by following the pattern instructions.

Secondly, one of our customers was also tempted by Customer coat backthe same fabric and came in to show us her own coat. It has a completely different style, but a similar overall effect due to the striking design of the purple felted fabric. Customer felted coat frontWe hope we have inspired you by showing how you can achieve different looks with a bit of imagination.

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