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Learn to love your sewing machine part 2

Part two of Learn tDSC_4180o love your sewing machine which ran on Thursday 22nd October 2015 was another very successful sewing class. All that attended we’re very happy and as usual were sad when then evening drew to an end.

Learn to love your sewing machine part 2 follows on from part 1, which we normally run one after the other. These classes can be done together or singular depending on what the person would like to get from the class. Part 2 focuses a little more on different techniques of sewing, and through this you will learn more about your sewing machine. Generally on a part 2 class you will start to learn about your sewing machine feet, and what each one does, within this you will learn about stitches and which stitches are best with which feet and with what you are doing. One of the feet you will learn about is the zipper foot. You will learn how it is inserted into the machine, which stitch is best and which stitch setting is best. You will then learn how to put a simple zip into two pieces of calico. Zips can be tricky even for the best of sewers so doing this can be quite hard but the way it is taught makes it seem really quite simple. If you are after learning about putting other zips in we also run a Dressmaking techniques- zips sewing class, which teaches how but put zips in both by hand and sewing machine.

The next technique you will brush over is piping, you will do some basic piping with your calico. With this technique you will learn to use a different foot depending on what you have with your sewing machine. Some peoples machines come with a piping foot and this is what you will use ig your machine has this. This will be another opportunity where you will learn about different stitches and different stitch length.

Learning all these different techniques will help you gain confidence with you sewing and will help you with all your future sewing projects.

This is a sewing class we run regularly so if you are interested in this or any of our other sewing classes please contact us and we will be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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