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DSC_4148 DSC_4149 DSC_4157With Christmas around the corner and the prospect of excited young (and old!) people at home together for a few days, why not stock up on felt supplies and get them crafting?  Felt is a great material for making into stocking fillers and decorations and it requires no hemming at all.  Our felts are available in both acrylic and a wool/acrylic mix that you can easily cut and sew together or even glue.  Try cutting out tree shapes, sew them together leaving a small gap and fill with a little toy stuffing.  You can then sew tiny beads on the front and glue on thin strips of glitter ribbon to make mini Christmas trees.  Stitch up the stuffing hole and sew a loop of ribbon to the top and its all ready to hang.  You can make mini stockings for little chocolates as well, or how about a mini felt Christmas pudding decoration?  All you need for this is one square of brown felt and one square of yellow.  Cut two 3″ circles from the brown felt and two 3″ circles from the yellow.  Cut away half of the yellow circles in a wiggly line to represent custard and glue these to top halves of the brown circles.  Now stitch the two brown circles together with a small gap near the bottom.  Lightly stuff the pudding, sew up the gap and add a ribbon loop for hanging.  You could add a couple of red beads to the top of the ‘custard’ and a tiny green piece of ribbon or felt to represent holly.  Happy Crafting!



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