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As part of our large range of haberdashery we stock a range of different fastening types to suit all different types of making requirements.


We stock these in a range of different sizes, 18mm, 13mm, 9mm, 7mm in both black and nickel. These packets are all priced at £1.80 each. These can have a range of different uses, fastenings at the back and front of garments, fastening of duvets covers and craft projects.



We have two different types of kook and eyes small metal ones and bigger coated ones, each has a different purpose.

The small metal hook and eyes come in both nickel and black, and we also DSC_4315stock a range of different sizes. These are priced at £1.95 per packet.  These are mainly used for dressmaking purposes, for skirts and dresses but could also be used for bow ties and cravats.





Fur Hook and eyes are used when you need a bigger more substantial fastening, for example on fur jackets and coats. These come in packets of two pairs and are priced at £1.75 per pack. We sell these in two different colour brown and beige.




Frogs are fastenings that are more decorative, the other fastenings are sewn into the DSC_4297garment so they are not visual frogs are designed to show. We stock these in a variety of different colours and designs. These are sold in pairs and are priced at £1.15 per pair.

All of these fastening are sold in our shop in Bridport Dorset.

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