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Sewing Classes- Buttonholes

This week we have just ran our first “Dressmaking Techniques- How to make a Button Hole” which is part of our dressmaking technique sewing classes. These are a selection of sewing classes which enable you build up your knowledge of dressmaking in bite size DSC_4100amounts where you get to choose what classes you do.

The button hole class ran on Tuesday 13th October 6.30-8.30, we had a full class of 6 people. We try to keep our classes small so everyone gets the help and guidance that they need as we understand that everyone is at a different stage of sewing ability.

The first thing they learnt was about their sewing machine feet, what a button hole foot looked like and hobutton holew it worked or whether or not their sewing machine had a button hole foot. The sewing machine foot that most people had was the foot that can have a button inserted it the back to determined the right size of the button hole. DSC_4102

They then learnt how to sew using these feet. In most cases the foot does all the work and all you have to do is give the machine slow power and guide the fabric.

The even also covered doing a button hole by hand without a sewing machine, this was also a very interesting technique to learn.

Everyone seem to really enjoy the evening and are all looking forward to their next lesson. If you are interested in or sewing classes and would like to book one or to register interested on this or any other class we are running contact us and we will be happy to help.


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