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Repair Patches and Repair Tape

Repair patches and tapeWhen a favourite garment gets a small tear, or an expensive item is damaged, you don’t always want to replace it. This is where our repair tape and patches can come in handy.

Repair tapeRepair tape is ironed onto the inside of a garment to support the damaged area. It is particularly suitable for tears where there is no fabric missing. It is 1″/2.5cm wide and comes in a wide range of colours to tone with the garment.

Trouser patchWe have iron on repair patches for trousers and jeans in black and charcoal, dark and light denim. Again the repair patch irons on to the inside of the garment, and they are often used on the knees where most wear occurs. Denim patchesThey can be used after the fabric has become thin, or as a preventative before this happens, or for larger tears which the repair tape cannot cover.

Suede elbow patchesElbow patches can also be used to cover wear or to prevent it causing damage to jackets. We have iron on suede finish patches (we recommend that these be sewn in addition to help them stay on the garment through cleaning) Elbow patch(we recommend that these be sewn in addition to help them stay on the garment through cleaning) and sew on leatherette patches with pre-punched holes to make the sewing easier.

Nylon repair patchesWhen ironing is not possible, eg for tents, waterproof coats or nylon fabrics, we have some self-adhesive nylon patches. These will delay you having to replace these expensive items. They can be cut to the size or shape you need and applied on either the inside or outside of the item as needed. We also stock carpet tape, which can be used for emergency repairs.

Fruit patchesFinally, if you want to make a statement out of your repair, how about using our bright pvc patches in the shape of flowers, hearts or fruit!

If none of these options are suitable, you can also use Fuse-a-web or hemming web to attach a patch of your own fabric or a similar tone fabric from our stock. Ask in the shop for more help if needed. All these items are normally kept in stock, and extra colours can sometimes be ordered in.


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