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Funky Stripe Curtain and Cushion Fabric

Now the nights are getting longer and colder, you might start to notice your curtains aren’t looking quite as nice as they did last year or they aren’t keeping those draughts out. At Livingstone Textiles we have a big range of curtain fabric for you to choose from, and new designs are always arriving. funky stripe blue

New recently in stock is this funky stripe design fabric which comes in two colourways, blue and coral, both of these are 139cm/ 55″ wide. The blue colourways is made up of red, blue, white and grey.DSC_3256 This colour way would look lovely with our range of seaside fabric for example beach huts. The stripes really pick up the detail on the beach huts. The beach huts are 140cm/54″ wide.  These would work well as cushions, curtains or roman blinds, and the great thing about making them yourself or getting one of or makers to make them is you choose how you want them done. Cushions with beach huts one side and stripes the other, or a roman blind in the beach huts with a border in the stripe.

The second colour ways the funky stripe comes in is the pastel, this has a autumn feel to it funky stripe coralpicking up green tones and terracotta. This fabric is also 139cm/ 55″ wide. The tones in this colourway are warmer and softer so giving the design a calmer feel to it. This colour way would work better in a dinning area or a living area due to the warmth it gives. DSC_4142 The butterfly design to the left would balance this fabric design beautifully. These could work together as blind, curtains and cushions and would really complement each other. The butterfly fabric is 140cm/54″ wide. It has a pattern repeat of 16cm/6″.

If you would like a free sample of these or any other fabric you have seen on our website please contact us with you information and details of the fabric you would like.


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