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Flame Retardant Treatment for Fabric

Flame retardant sprayFlame retardant fabrics are needed in public (non-domestic) buildings in the UK for curtains and blinds. However not all fabrics are available pre-treated to be flame retardant, and that is where this spray comes in handy. It is ideal for you to treat any fabric yourself to be flame retardant for domestic or contract use for curtains or blinds.

The spray is sold in litre bottles, complete with spray nozzle. We are also able to refill bottles once empty, or supply 5 litre refill containers.

The flame retardant spray will not affect the properties or appearance of the fabric, nor cause shrinkage, if allowed to dry naturally before use. The flame retarding is not affected by dry cleaning, wear or exposure to sunlight. However treated fabrics cannot be washed, as wetting the fabric requires it to be re-treated.

One litre of spray covers 6 square metres of fabric. Fabrics treated with this coverage have been tested and approved to safety standard BS5867 Part 2 Type B (for Hotels, Public Buildings and Offices).

To calculate how much spray you need for the quantity of fabric you are treating:

( No of metres x width in metres ) / 6

Example: 24 metres of fabric 183cm wide
24 x 1.83 = 43.92
43.92 / 6 = 7.32
So 24 metres of this fabric would need over 7 litres of flame retardant liquid, so you would need to buy 8 litres in total to cover it all.

A 1 litre bottle of Flamesafe flame retardant spray costs £11.90 and refills are available at £7.50 per litre – either in the original bottle or as a complete 5 litre container.

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