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Why We Sew

All TagsWhist at the Melplash Show last week, we decided to ask show goers to tell us in a few words, some of the reasons they had for why they sew.  We stitched a selection of our fabrics to luggage tags and encouraged people who came into our tent to fill them in and tie them around the tent.  The responses were wonderful, people have many reasons why the sew and it was great for us to get that insight.  We will be carrying this on in the shop for a little while so if you’re popping in for fabric, grab a tag and fill it in.  We will be making all the tags into bunting to hang in the shop for inspiration.  Here are a selection of the reasons why you all sew……









Of course, one of the biggest reasons for sewing and for being at the Melplash show is to share what you have done with others, either as a gift, something you can wear yourself or as an exhibition of your skill that will inspire others.  We are unaware of who made this so we sadly cannot credit the make but we are sure you’ll agree that they have done a wonderful job of making this childs coat from our needlecord fabric, indeed the judges thought so too and awarded them a prize for their efforts.  Well Done!Hand sewn needle cord


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