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Scissors and Cutting Tools

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Life is too short to use cheap tools and as any maker will tell you, high-quality sharp scissors are a joy to use when cutting out your fabric.  We stock a good range of Fiskars, which we believe are the best you can buy and we use them every day, many times over here in the shop when we cut cloth for our customers.  They will last a lifetime with occasional re-sharpening and this is another service that we are pleased to offer for a few pounds

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We stock Large Dressmaking Scissors, All Purpose Scissors for both left and right handed people, Pinking Shears and two sizes of finer scissors for detailed cutting and embroidery. We also keep these rotary cutters in stock.  They come with a safety guard and you can also purchase interchangeable straight edge blades or a set of pinking blades that give a fast and crisp zigzag through multi layers of fabric.  Rotary cutters save time when you wish to cut out multiples of shapes for smaller projects that involve patchwork and applique.


September posts 029Then we come to these clever little chaps, an absolute essential for any sewing kit.  Thread snips are so quick to use and make a fast job of neatening up those little ends when you come to the end of your project.  Just hold them in the palm of your hand and nip off the threads left at the start and end of your stitching line.  They are super sharp and so effective that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

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