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Christmas Kangaroos

xmas kangaroo Crafters and Makers get started early on their Christmas stocks in order to be ready for all the seasonal fayres and markets at the end of the year.  To anticipate this, we tend to get our Christmas stock in from now until November to give you all a chance to get crafting with some of the most inspiring Christmas fabrics in the Westcountry.  We like to have the edge here at Livingstone Textiles and love things that are a little bit quirky so we’d like to introduce you to our new Christmas Kangaroos!   Snuggled up with their cosy hats and scarves on and all ready for inclement weather, they have holly and candy canes tucked into their pouches and are just begging to be turned into gifts to make and send to loved ones at home or abroad. xmas kangaroo close

At just £7.00 for a whole metre, you can afford to make some really fun and interesting presents this year, like a storage tube.  Made from a rectangle of fabric approximately 60cm x 40cm, fold the wrong sides together and sew a 1.5cm channel at each narrow end. Place the fabric right sides together and stitch from end to end on the longer edge, leaving the channels open at each end.  Thread some 1/4″  white elastic onto a safety pin and guide this through the channels.  Draw up to leave a 10cm hole that will stretch wider and knot the ends together.  Push the ends back into the channels a bit to tidy it up, add a loop of ribbon to hang it from and you’ve made yourself a storage tube for plastic bags, small soft toys, socks or whatever you please.  You can make loads on a wet afternoon with all kinds of fabrics and they make brilliant stocking fillers for use at home or when camping.



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