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Sea Creature Soft Toy

DSC_3818This beautiful Octopus soft toy was made by one of our staff members and all it’s made from is felt and stuffing.


To make this toy you would need 1/2 metre of pink felt at £6.65 per metre, 1 black felt square at 50p each, 1 red felt square at 50p each and a £1.00 bag of toy stuffing. This would make you 2 of these lovely toys.

To make this toy you need to firstly cut out your pieces, the template shows you what shape these should be and the sizes of each one although you could make the toy bigger by changing the size of the template, but doing this you would need more fabric. You will need 4 for the bigger pieces each one measuring 6″ by 3″ this is to be cut out of the pink fabric and this creates the body of the toy. maisie makeNext you will cut out 16 pieces of the little ones theses are the feet of the toy you will need to do half in pink and half in red.

Next you simply sew the toy together, the body pieces get sewn together to create a ball shape the wrong way round so the seams are one the outside but don’t forget to leave a gap at the bottom so you can turn the toy the right way round after sewing and so you can stuff the toy. Once stuffed sew up the bottom.

Next you sew the feet, sew these the wrong way round like before, turn the right way round and then stuff each one with the toy stuffing. Once this is done you can sew the feet up. These then get sewn on to the bottom of the body. The only thing left to do now is to give your creature a face, cut this out of the black felt and sew on to your creature.

All the materials mentioned in this post are available in our store in Bridport Dorset.

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