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Melplash Show

TuesdayNow You see it.

Our lovely big Marquee, all ready to go by Tuesday evening and just awaiting stock.

Wednesday Morning

Now you Don’t!

The high winds of Tuesday night have done away with our tent!!


Wednesday Morning DisasterAnd here it is 🙁

A sad muddy mess of twisted metal and canvas.  Our kind friend who loaned us it has managed to salvage the canvas but the frame is no longer functionable.


So it was on with the wellies and with a few cajoled family members and friends along with the very helpful Charmouth Villagers, we borrowed their marquee and had it up before dark on Wednesday evening,   phew!!

The A Team

The real hero is taking this picture, she organised for us to have the new tent and was instrumental in getting it.



Here she is helping to put up our sign on show day.


Sign Hanging





What A Star You Are



IMG_0082                                  HAPPY CAMPERS

The Girls

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