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Textile Crafts

Textile crafts are where you can get creative with your sewing and start to have some fun. You have maybe completed our Learn to love your sewing machine class, or looked at our more technical classes such as window furnishings or dressmaking techniques – but want something that is a little bit freer and more creative?

There is a range of creative crafts where you can use  the technical skills that you have already learned on our other classes, and add something more to them, bringing in your creative side. Why not learn how to applique and applique something special onto that Cushion you learned how to make? Or learn how to machine embroider so you can add a beautiful design to the garment you learned how to make with “Dressmaking Techniques”.

Applique Workshop

Creative Machine Embroidery – Short Class

Creative Machine Embroidery Part 1 (5 week long class)

Creative Machine Embroidery Part 2 (5 week long class)

Patchwork For Beginners

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