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Simple Skirt Make

DSC_3704This simple skirt was made by one of our staff members and it was made so easily that we wanted to share with you all. It shows how sewing garments doesn’t always have to be complicated and take a long time.

The fabric she has picked is a very stretchy fabric of mixed fibers, it is 154cm/60″ wide and costs £8.40 per metre. Due to the length she wanted her skirt she only needed around 70cm, but the amount of fabric would depend on length of the skirt and height of the wearer.


She has begun by cutting out her fabric. She decided on how she wants the pattern on the fabric to lay on the skirt and has cut out accordingly, she has measured across her hips to get the size of the fabric piece. She knows the fabric is very stretchy and wants the fabric to be tight so it hugs her figure. A very comfortable skirt made from a similar fabric could be used as a guide.DSC02279

The next step is to sew up the sides, the idea is to make a simple tube that fits snug to your shape, giving a sharp finish but not over stretching the fabric.

The edges with this fabric doesn’t need over-locking or zig-zagging due to the fabric not fraying, so this cuts down on time.

The elastic is sewn directly onto the skirt and so yoDSC02281u get a seamless look. Pin the elastic right side to right side and then simply stitch over the top. There is no gather in the skirt so the elastic is to fit smoothly round the top of the skirt making a folded in waist band, this can have a couple of hand stitches to help keep it in place.

All that is left now is to hem the bottom of the skirt. this just needs a simple rolled over hem at the bottom to neaten the skirt. This skirt is made so quickly and easily because our staff member has a stretch stitch setting on her sewing machine like so many do. For years she has dreaded sewing with stretch due to not knowing how to handle the fabric and how to sew it, it was only when she went on our “learn to love your sewing machine part 1 and 2” that she learnt the basic of what her sewing machine could do. You can find some tips on sewing with jersey here. We also stock an excellent book about sewing knitted fabrics.

The fabric mentioned in this post is available in our shop in Bridport Dorset. If you would like a sample of this our any other fabric you have seen on here please contact us with your details and information on the fabric you require.


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