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Pocahontas Costume

poca This lovely Pocahontas costume was made by one of our staff members. She wanted a quick and reasonably priced costume for her niece’s school play, and this is what she created. It has been made with no pattern and just shows how easy it can be to quickly put together a simple costume.

The main costume is made from our suedette fabric which is £5.00 per metre 152cm/ 60″ wide. She has used 80cm of this fabric and has then folded in half at the fabric’s widest point. She has then cut a hole as if she was making a tabard. The sleeves have then been shaped using measurements taken from the child’s shoulder to under arm. The bottom has been cut to a point using the child’s measurements from the back of her neck to her knees. The sides were then sewn up. She has then added a trim to the neck, sewing this simply round the neck of the costume. The great thing with this costume is the stitching doesn’t matter at this point if it shows because she has hidden her stitch marks with a beautiful trim from our ribbon bundle box – £1.45 for a pre-cut piece. She has then simply snipped away at the fabric to give it the rough finish. This fabric allows for this because it doesn’t fray and this makes the costume quicker to complete as there is no need to worry about finishing the edges.

The great thing about the design is that it is very loose so it will easily fit over the child head without help and there is no need for fastenings. The total cost for the make was £5.45 and there was even enough fabric left to make a belt and a hair piece.

All of the fabrics mentioned in this post are only available in our shop in Bridport, Dorset, if would would like a sample please contact us with your details and information on the fabric you require.

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