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Miss Haversham’s Summer

Front view The heatwaves of the summer are upon us, and Miss Haversham needs a new piece of clothing! This calls for an outfit change…

Miss Haversham’s most recent piece was made by Rory, a student from The Woodroffe School who is currently doing work experience at Livingstone. Using sheer fabric and ribbon detail, Miss Haversham is sure to feel refreshed in her all-new look over the coming weeks!
Detail of piece

By draping the translucent fabric over her and using a silver ribbon around the waist to attach in place, Miss Haversham’s outfit sure has a refreshing feel. Small pleats and folds gave life to the dress which was then tied together at the waist, creating an off-the-shoulder garment reminiscent of Roman togas.Side View

To add femininity and style to the dress, pink fabric roses have been pinned to the shoulder and ribbon detail giving her a unique feel. To finish off the look, peach ribbon detailing has been appliqued around the hem and chest to add a bold vibrancy of this season’s colour.

Miss Haversham is sure to feel fashionable and remain refreshed in her most recent summer outfit!

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