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London Map Waist Coat

Last Tuesday we completed our first ever How to make a waist coat class, which was over 2 night for 4 hours in total. Within this class a waist coat with complementary trim was made. We were all very excited about this class as it’s the first time we had run it or any class where a garment was made from scratch. The class went very well and we are planning on running it again iDSC_3573n the future.

That very week another customer brought in a waist coat that she had made, although not from our class. We thought it was so beautiful and well made that we would share it with you. The customer has made the waist coat from our London Map fabric which is 140cm/54″ wide and is priced at £15.00 per metre.

If you would like a sample of this or any other fabric you may have seen on our website please contact us with information on the fabric and your details.

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