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Fleece Dress

DSC_3082This lovely fleece dress will keep you warm on these chilly spring evenings while still having a fun edge. This “pixie” dress is made from a dress pattern that is available to buy at our shop in Bridport Dorset. The dress pattern comes with two other jumper patterns that you could make and also some lovely ideas for decoration.  Pixie dressThe dress that we have made doesn’t have the felting that is shown on the dress pattern, but this technique is explained with in the pattern.

We have used one of our plain fleeces to make the dress which is £6.00 per metre and comes in at 150cm wide. This makes it a really warm dress. DSC_3083

We have added the bell sleeves to our dress as we wanted to really go with the fun “pixie” feel to the dress.

This is a really fun and quite easy dress to make, all of the materials and pattern are available in our shop in Bridport.

If you would like a sample of this or any other fabric you have seen on her please contact us with you details and information on the fabric and we will be happy to help.

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