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Seaside Fabrics

We love the coast here at Livingstone textiles and out choice in fabrics reflects this. New in our shop and web shop we have a selection of coast themed fabrics, that could make beautiful additions to your home furnishings.

peddles The fabric is a digitally printed cloth making it extra sharp, and almost looks like looking at one of our pebble beaches. This fabric would work great as a Roman Blind or big cushions.

The fabric is 139cm/59″ wide and is priced at £13.90per metre.

sea shells

This fabric has a little bit more going on in it, with its fish and shells over the top of written post cards, this is also a very clear print showing a lot of detail. This fabric is 140cm/59″ wide and is priced at £13.90 per metre.

Please contact us to enquire about current stock levels of these fabrics or see below for some current seaside fabrics we have available to purchase online.




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